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The video mainly speaks for itself. But I don’t think learning has ever been so important. And I don’t mean learning stuff, facts, and trivia. I mean learning HOW to LEARN. I mean learning about mastery, how to solve problems, see the “truth”, how to let go. The context and the data will change…at rates you and I can’t even begin to imagine. So we can try to keep up with that cacophony or we can transcend it.

So regardless of what we “run” – a business, our lives, a family, whatever…if we don’t start looking at large scale adaptation, it’s not just that our job or business might not make it…our industry could vanish, so could our society. Then what?

Like the video says at the end…what does it all mean?

I think it means that your top priority must be learning to learn. You must start living with clear intention and strategy…not just existing in a reactive, consumer, sheeple type of reverie. It is time to wake up. Why? Because the world you were born into, doesn’t exist anymore and neither do the things you’ve taken for granted. Seeing that NOW could make all the difference. Sorry to be such a rude alarm clock.

We resist change because we believe in the illusion of control. You are not in control, never have been, never will be. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can change and thrive. The more you resist that, the less chance you have. In all this there are some constants, but they are not anything like wealth, comfort, or “safety.”

Letting go is a hard lesson. Surrender is often equated with cowardice. But it is the flexible bamboo that survives the hurricane while the brick building is reduced to rubble.  Which is easier to break, a string or a ruler? Get the point? “Hold on to your hat Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye bye.”

Press Play and Welcome to the new world!

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6 Responses to “Why Learning = Survival in the New Economy!”

  1. LEAH

    Completely I share your opinion. It is good idea. I support you.

  2. Matt Mirabile

    What it means is that there will be an intellectual elite, a class (with subclasses) that can access and interpret much of the information while many others will become cultural collateral damage. With all of this comes the desire for control. So who will try to seize control? It means that traditional education and degrees will become obsolete as “learners” who are adept at using the internet educate themselves without traditional instructors. It means that great portions of the population will surrender control because there is simply just too much to absorb, so they will let go and give themselves to pleasure and let others do the work. It means that cultural shifts will take place that give rise to revolutionary groups as certain social values in certain places become displaced. I could keep on going.

  3. admin

    @Juan Restrepo, Bingo!!!! Vision Centered never sounded so good!

  4. Juan Restrepo

    If you don’t have your vision cemented, you wont know how to sift through the extraordinary amount of information that comes at us wanting a response. A clear vision gives us the ability to wade through all this information and take advantage of the information that clearly can help us reach our vision.

  5. admin

    You got that right! What a time of opportunity!!!! The vast array of possibilities towards value creation may well be the only constant and the only “solid” ground. But what other ground would we want anyway?
    Thanks Andrea!

  6. Andrea Goeglein

    Very cool. What it means to me is that the opportunities are endless and so very unknown. Thanks for sharing.

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