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Looking for a Better Thing

Some problems require us to try harder. Some require us to think differently. And yet some require us to change ourselves. That’s why most problems get avoided. But what happens when we refuse the sucker’s choice of “passive” or “aggressive” and go with assertive?

So let’s call it assertive innovation. I’m open to better names for sure.

Here’s something that I think perfectly pictures the harmony possible between true value and innovation. Yes this product will probably generate millions in profit, but when you see how it came about, you’ll quickly see where it’s going.

As one of my posts in a three part series on innovation, I just wanted you to take a minute and hear this, see this, and reflect on your own problems. To me, and yes I of course have my share of problems, seeing someone else innovate is like rocket fuel. While there are many things which can damage our hopes, keep believing in value driven innovation! The ROI is fantastic!

Special thanks to my client Steve!

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6 Responses to “Value Driven Innovation”

  1. water filter systems

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  2. Lila Townsend

    How awesome and genious! It is amazing that the solution to contaminated
    water is the contaminated water! Just need Life Saver. Made me think of
    the bitter waters of Marah (cured when Moses cast a tree into it).
    .-= Lila Townsend´s last blog ..Family Picture =-.

  3. admin

    Thank you so much! You’re blog is great too!!!! You’re a great writer and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment!
    Cheers, Eric

  4. Heidi

    Very cool! I will show this to my friend at the Malawi Freshwater Project. Thanks for sharing this. Heidi

  5. Eric

    @Rachel, People do cause problems, but people are also wildly capable of amazing solutions…starve the weeds, water the flowers, right?

  6. Rachel

    This is mind-blowing innovation and so timely. Imagine an ever-increasing group of innovators solving the problems of the world….that’s what this website is encouraging. Keep up the great treasure hunting–we all benefit!

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