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The New Language of Effective Marketing

Part I


The Secret That We All Forgot

Marketing is about building an incremental, long term relationship that lasts. We all know this. So why do most businesses have a giant sign in their window that says “prostitutes wanted”? That’s right. They do. They don’t realize they are asking for “instant sex.” They don’t realize that the American public is SICK of being treated like a prostitute. When businesses are all about MONEY, then marketing becomes all about sex with no relationship…customer prostitution. Not convinced…keep reading.

The reason most marketing fails is because it demands a level of relationship instantly that is only created over time. This is the secret we all forgot…how to ask a date out for the prom…remember?

Judge a man by his questions, rather than by his answers. – Voltaire.

The Secret We All Forgot

The Secret We All Forgot


How the F-bomb Solves Everything

Think of it like a high school Junior…in this case a boy. He sees a girl and decides he’s might like her. She’s pretty and smart and just might be kind. So his plan is to walk right up to her, plant a huge kiss on her and demand that she go to the prom with him. Right?

You tell me. What happens next? Well in his fantasy world she swoons and all is great. But in reality she smacks him and is furious, humiliated and his chances with her or any other girl who saw it, go to zero. “Like…FOREVER!”

Are you getting the picture here? Most marketing fails because it’s just like this hormone filled teen. What he needed to do and what you must do is start dropping the F-bomb. Then you’ll get results.

Time For the F Bomb!

Time For the F Bomb!


Why the “Feminine” is the Key to Marketing

To cultivate feelings of trust a path must be consistently followed. That’s right the F is for feelings. You have to learn how to cultivate genuine relationship. You can’t do this until you understand the sequence…whether you are a man or woman, you have to see the relationship in it’s proper perspective. But like hormones, when all you want is MONEY, you go blind and start smooching everything that moves. Tired of getting slapped?

She's Serious About the Logic of Relationships

She's Serious About the Logic of Relationships


You Can’t Afford to Miss This One

Women in a general sense epitomize the right brain essentials that go missing from traditional “ad speak” marketing. Now I don’t mean that men can’t be right brained, we can. But in a general sense, we are idiots. OK I’ll speak for myself…I’m an idiot. But a funny thing happens to women business owners too. They can be just as “money” driven in marketing as that high school boy was in his pursuit of a sweetheart.

Why do we all fail like this when it comes to marketing?

Well it’s because the path to success is a path, not a single step. It’s a process. And whether you are male or female, you must become more conscious of that specific process than you are today if you want your marketing to start working.

In today’s “ad speak” the language tends to be all about us – “We’re the best” “Proven results” “Solve all problems” “We’re great”. Are you starting to see why you might get slapped?

In marketing, we must connect to the people we are speaking with. In order to connect we must read their face, see their heart, empathize and truly understand where they are coming from and where they want to go. And we must shut up about ME!

This is so obvious in the prom scene but would you believe it is exactly the same in business marketing? Exactly the same for women and men. People are people and they all follow the same path to genuine relationship. If your marketing follows the same path, you will win while others blame the economy.

Business Woman 3

I Want a Real Relationship - True Value!


Consistency Makes a Huge Splash

What is the Path???? Well there’s two aspects – one internal and the other external. Here’s the internal path: Honor, Security, My Risk, Your Risk, Trust, Result. Think about it. If someone walks up to you at the mall and says, “Hey! Want to buy this phone?” The chances of you saying yes are nearly ZERO. But what if they follow the path?

You walk up to their booth and ask about the new phone. They are well dressed. They speak clearly and articulately. They look you in the eyes and say “yes sir,” “yes ma’am”. They ask you intelligent questions and not in rapid fire sequence. They listen. They tell you what most cell phone sales people don’t and they admit that this is a stigma to be overcome. You ask about a feature and they freely admit their phone doesn’t do that well. But they also show you theirs does several things that may be important to you.

Can you see the path? The give and take? The honor, the security? If we were to play this out fully, we’d demonstrate how the business must take the FIRST risk and keep doing so until you feel secure enough to take a risk. When that is accomplished, you’ve built enough trust to ask for their business.

Consistency Makes a Huge Splash

Consistency Makes a Huge Splash


Let Me Break it Down For You Like a Fraction

All authentic, not money hungry, marketing is about building genuine relationships. Every time you communicate, you must realize you are making a promise. If you keep those promises, the relationship grows. If not, it dies. The great thing is that research shows that building a relationship has a universal pattern or path. If you follow it, you WILL have great relationships.

What happens when you skip steps? You’re a pervert. You get slapped.

What happens when you stop on a step for way too long? You’re a prude.

What happens when you consistently follow the steps? You go to the prom.

In the next article I’ll show you the other aspect of the path and how when combined your market will grow faster and more profitably than you ever imagined. For now, try it out. Go to another website or magazine and look at all the “ad-speak” – I think you’ll find the romance is one sided.

But now you know…it doesn’t have to be!

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7 Responses to “The New Language of Effective Marketing”

  1. Eric

    Gregg – AWESOME!!!! That is excellent and congratulations!!! Meeting every week for 4 months…now that’s the path…patience and now you’ve built a great relationship. What a great example!
    Thank you so much for posting!!!!

  2. Gregg Beecher


    I am involved in a business referral group, have been since November 2008, and I just closed business this week. It was kind of a new type of product for most people, but after meeting with them every week for the last 4 months, and taking a genuine interest in helping others build their business, two of the chapter members decided to try my product. It was a very good reminder to me, that if I am patient (even if I’m REALLY needing to make the sale), and focus on building relationships, helping others reach their goals, while I’m educating them on what I do, things will eventually pay off.

    Thank you for your insightful article.

    Gregg Beecher

  3. Eric

    Judy – Thanks for your thoughts. I think we are all in this shift together and fortunately we still have the time to move towards business that’s not predatory….towards real partnerships and collaboration.

  4. Eric

    Leonard – that’s it exactly. I’ve found that I’ll pay more, sometimes much more it I have strong evidence that the company is seriously concerned about my well-being over their bottom line.

  5. Judy

    Thank you! I can tell you that I have found myself in this situation of no relationship to speak of. It is such a foreign concept. So I have been asking God to help me understand. Little by little I can sense my heart opening up to the true way to go. Your illustration just simplifies this major shift. I am most certainly in need of this shift and really truly thank you.
    Judy Holm

  6. Leonard

    You are right. A lot of marketing is presumptious, self-centered behaviour. I am thankful for the provocation to rethink my approach to prospective clients. Too often it has amounted to “I need money and they have some, and If they buy my product I’ll be happy”, instead of “What are THEIR needs? Would they like me to suggest a solution? I believe my product can help”

    PS One of the things I am increasingly convicted of is the importance of keeping my word. I know how frustrated I get when clients or prospective clients fail to keep their word, even in simple matters. They lose respect and credibility in my eyes. I am sure that they feel the same way when I fail or delay to honour my word.

  7. Eric

    Oh…forgot one more thought…marketing should be called “promising” – the more promises are believable, valuable, and kept – the better the relationship.

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