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I know those words sound pretentious. Why should I presume to spout off in such manner? Good question…but here’s one right back at you: Why Not? I think we’re leaving the age of the expert, the “guru”, the “learned” and entering a whole different existence. Today you don’t have to have some “certificate” to express your thoughts, you can just blog til your heart’s content. Of course there is a significant downside to all that: WAY TOO MUCH CONTENT AND WAY TOO LITTLE INSIGHT. So what’s needed is a way to organize and evaluate the collective intelligence of the global community in a way that allows us to learn from the master in Nepal and the neophyte in Norway, the house wife in Tulsa, and the teenager in Taipei. Again…why not? Why wouldn’t we take advantage of the unprecedented connectedness we now possess? Why wouldn’t we take a chance on a better future? Why not?

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