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Ok right! The economy’s bad. We’ll we knew that long before it happened. So there goes that excuse. “But my industry is gone!” “My customers don’t have any money or credit!” Or perhaps, my personal favorite, “You just DON’T UNDERSTAND MY BUSINESS!!!!”

Well perhaps not. But I do understand people, somewhat. Or more accurately the ability people have to overcome IF, and that’s a gigantic IF, they get off their @$$ and start focusing on making something happen…no matter what. Defeat is a state of mind and it can be turned instantly.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean the evidence of capital creation. Often the only measure in our world gone bankrupt. I mean the creation of value. You and I can always create value. You don’t need customers, currency, governments (well if they keep law and order it helps), or really anything but you’re own desire to listen to what people need and then supply that.

Yes NEED. Not WANT. Wants are fine but they tend to get real blurry and addictive and then destructive. Why destroy your customers? Well Moneyism says you should. Moneyism says that if you can sell more hamburgers to the cellulite infested millions and wind up killing them with their own lack of discipline, but still make money, well, you should. Simple supply and demand.

But you and I both know just how bankrupt that thinking is. But it drives probably 90% of moneyism companies. Sorry we can’t insure you. Here have a big/super/grande size. You didn’t read the fine print, we only cover damage at the site, not in transit, even though we hooked it up wrong on your trailer….and ON and ON and ON. Moneyism drives the most slavish of thinking and acting.

Well take a look at this video and see something else. See value entrepreneurs who are in no lack of capital or good will. YES. It can be done. In fact, it should! Let’s go! Ever heard of a laser monk? You’re about to!

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