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Watch and Learn and Hope and Do It!

With the hardships of life in the present day economic turmoil DJ is a guiding light to overcoming adversity. No one should complain about their issues but look at this young man and all he has overcome to achieve his goal. And that’s why I posted this. I think that now is a time to reinvent and to find the inspiration that is out there and in “here”. I believe we all have true inspiration deep down inside. We all have a vision, a destiny, a place to which we must go. And our journey there is always in the best interest of everyone.

Sometimes that vision is denied or dismissed. Sometimes its existence is not even considered possible. But whatever our circumstances, I believe it IS there. And if we will dig and pursue and uncover it, it can be the fuel that drives our life to a level of fulfillment, peace, and purpose like nothing else. It is reinvention to take a new path; one that is more in alignment with our true path, our authentic trajectory, our best self. DJ seems to have done this. Why not you?

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2 Responses to “Reinvention is Nothing You Can’t Do!”

  1. admin

    @Jeff Timpanaro, So very true. This guy is making a real difference; real value. Unstoppable!

  2. Jeff Timpanaro

    Great motivator to set GREAT goals!

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