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Since last October (2008) I’ve been hosting periodic workshops on Reinventing Your Business. I’ve stated and do firmly believe that reinvention must happen or the very existence of our businesses are at risk…and quite possibly, even more than that! Yikes!

I know that is scary and could easily be labeled “alarmist.” But I prefer the term realistic; especially given that on multiple fronts we have a financial, systemic wide crisis the likes of which no country, much less a capitalist society, has ever seen. Not even close!

If you’re still not clear on “what” I’m talking about…well please take a minute and educate yourself. But suffice to say that using the term “housing slump” to describe our situation is akin to using “sudden weather change” to describe Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

But as totally grim as this is…we still have an incredible opportunity. Why? Well because we still have significant freedoms that can be organized to effect great changes. But not from the top down. I know that not everyone reading this will take strategic action. Some will just “wait it out.” But I fear that those who do will actually “lose out.”

It is time to reinvent…it can be done. YOU can do it. And when I saw this interview, I just had to share it as a perfect example of what happens when someone, JUST LIKE YOU, decides to follow their passion and reinvent. Enjoy!

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  1. Lila Townsend

    Eric: I met Mr. Gardner at a global conference in Nashville, TN in 2007.
    I also met his son, who is tall and huge in size, sad. Great admiration
    for Chris and how he held on to the positive messages form his childhood.

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