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Well, just for a little while, during this video, just pretend like you LOVE the sport. Pretend you’ve never heard or seen this guy. Pretend you’re beating your head against the wall trying to find a new way to succeed. And then just click play and remember what it was like to be in the presence or at least see a truly empowered innovator. (Now he’s in the hall of fame)

First to practice, last to leave. For my last blog on innovation, let’s not forget that those who innovate are not “experts,” they are master learners who are fanatical about the details. And here is one of the greatest examples:


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  1. admin

    Well maybe it’s because I became an adult in the 80’s or whatever, but forgive the glam rock and the fan hair styles…you just can’t deny that MJ was the greatest ever. And even if you’re not a b-ball fan, you just have to notice that the other guys he’s schooling are PROS but he makes them look like clowns. Now that is world class innovation in real time! Holy Wow!

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