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Paying People for Performance

It’s finally spring and even though we just got 6 inches of snow this week, I refuse to let go of the belief that spring is here!

And with the arrival of spring comes new things and fresh hope. And I for one have never been more hopeful for small business. Why? Because finally there is a way to get your people to think and act like you! And later this week I’m going to show you exactly how. More about that in a second. First let me explain why I’m so hopeful…

You Want Your Team to Work Like You Do, Right?

I hear this all the time…”I wish I could find ‘good’ people.” Or my personal favorite, “I wish my people would work as hard as I do.” I bet you’ve said or thought that over the years…maybe even recently.

Well the problem is this, you can’t and they won’t. At least until now…

No one else is you and your team has not taken the risks, been through the fire, or otherwise been processed like you have to get you where you are today. Don’t “aw shucks” me on this…it’s true. Owners are a breed apart and typically don’t realize how unique they really are.

And so we make the mistake of expecting others to be like us. Not that we’re perfect, we’re not. It’s just that we don’t think in terms of “I’m here, so someone OWES me a paycheck.” We don’t expect a paid vacation if the company isn’t doing well. We don’t demand time off for this and that. We don’t. We don’t leave at 4:50pm with customers on hold or leave the trash in the parking lot for the next shift. So if we don’t do those things, why do they?

They Won’t Act Like Us Until We Pay Them Like Us!

Yes, that’s right. The biggest problem, the ‘missing link’ in the evolution of small business is on the matter of money. It has to do with how people get paid.

Here’s the very short version: You pay “Steve” an hourly rate or a salary. Whichever it is, let’s say it comes down to $20 per hour. Don’t you SEE. THAT IS the problem. If Steve creates $40 of value, you pay $20. If Steve creates $3 of value, you still pay $20. If he costs you $500 of loss (customer leaves), you STILL PAY THE SAME AMOUNT.

This, what I call “Flat Rate Thinking” is insane. And it is so obvious as to be hidden!!! It’s so common and so typical and so, uggg, normal, that we don’t give it a second thought. But I’m convinced that it is THE number 1 reason why our businesses don’t run the way we want them to. Let me show you why.

People Do What They are Incentivized To Do!

The way to achieve your business objectives is to multiply your efforts. Right? And what does that mean? That means turning your team into a bunch of OWNERS. No I don’t mean in terms of equity. I mean in terms of incentives. Make them the owners of their jobs. And pay them that way. If you don’t, you’re just going to get more of the same. Good people burn out and bad people hide. Who loses? Everyone, especially YOU!

So what am I suggesting you do???

Let Me Show You!

Total Integration is about building values based systems. And I’ve written about all aspects of this over the years. But let me tell you, I’ve never been nearly as excited and fired up about something as I am about what we’ve created in the last year. We’ve piloted this with about 100 small business owners in every industry you can think of and we’re finally ready to share it with you.

It really is the missing link. With it you can systemize your business, making each job function defined, measurable, manageable, and focused. You can easily connect your strategic vision to your goals, and your goals to your team’s daily work – seamlessly – and track it all in real time.

But the most important point is that this tool will finally let you connect the missing link – pay your people for what they do, instead of just paying them for their time. Yes it works for EVERY job function, not just sales. And while I’m not one to believe in magic, this one is making me think again.

And do you know what you get when you pay people for value instead of for time??? You get OWNERS. You get people who start thinking like you. They see that each and every decision they make has an economic consequence!!! They really do!

Isn’t that how you think? Of course it is!

So what am I asking YOU to do?

Thursday May 20th, 12pm MST

On Thursday (this Thursday) May 20th at 12 noon Mountain Time, I want to show you exactly how this works. I am so excited about this I’m about to jump out of my skin! This is what I referred to a few months ago and it’s finally ready. In less than 90 days this tool can cut your number one expense by 20%. We guarantee it.

In a time where we are all cutting costs, wouldn’t it be great to cut your top expense, your largest burden and biggest obligation: payroll overhead, by up to 20%? Yes it would…especially if along with that you didn’t have to fire anyone. And on top of that if it included an accountability system that allowed you to fully monitor your business top to bottom – well that would just be hard to believe! But it’s true!

Some of you may already have lots of process and procedures in place, but are they only in the heads of your employees? Are you paying people based on their execution of those processes? What if you could somehow extract those best practices into a system that you could SEE & measure – one that you could easily modify and one that would be the plumb line for your people? One that would let you finally pay people for the actual VALUE they create?

Well I’m telling you, YOU CAN.

Here’s what you need to do. Set aside 45 minutes on this Thursday, May 20th at Noon Mountain Time for an eye opening webinar on Performance Based Pay. I’m going to show the amazing difference it can make for you.

Space is limited for this no-charge event so please click here to register now.

Here’s what one small business owner had to say:

I am so impressed by your work ethic, integrity, ability, advancement in technology and committment to bettering the world of people, business, life!!! Very exciting. Very inspiring. Honored to have the chance to be apart of what you have created. I LOVED the part you said about the moral dilemma that is SO common in business…your goal to get your quota at the end of the pay period vs. Ms. Client who really doens’t need a new Fridge…BRILLIANT. Kelly H.

Here’s to your success!

Eric J. Beck

p.s. After you REGISTER, you’ll be taken to a short 4-min sneak peak video called “How Most People Run Their Small Business.” It will give you a preview of the webinar. I wish I ‘d seen this before going into business!! See you on Thursday!

“Be careful about trusting intuition, but be more careful not to bend to
the majority for whom “impossible” is a comforting excuse for inaction.”

Tim Ferris

Thanks for reading! If you know someone who could benefit from this, feel free to forward it to them!

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