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Every person has the potential of experiencing incredible personal power. This power is accessed through the systematic development of several foundational skills – chief among them are the mastery of time and wealth.

Personal power is not about having control over others, our circumstances, or in some way reducing the presence of risk in our lives. Personal power is about the mastery of self – the unleashing or unveiling of who we really are. This is not mystical, but in fact immensely practical. Think of yourself like a plant. With good soil, the right amount of water, and sunlight – you are perfectly healthy, beautiful, efficient, and never tired or slaving. Make sense? That’s who you can be. You simply need the right nourishment. yoga32sm

So part of our journey is to discover those things (habits, usually) that steal your nourishment. Another part is to give ourselves enough leverage to move these boulders out of our lives so that we experience the joy of a “one and done” solution.

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