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Mark Twain

Again this list could go one for a while and I will be putting specific comments about each and favorite quotes as time allows.

5th Discipline Fieldbook – Senge

Mastery – Leonard

Break from the Pack – Harari

The Fourth Turning – Strauss

Blind Man’s Bluff – Sontag

The Book of Five Rings – Mushashi

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Perkins

Blue Ocean Strategy – Kim

Day of Reckoning – Buchanan

Cash Values – Gay

Gates of Fire – Pressfield

A History of Economic Thought – Robins

Economics as Religion – Nelson

The Creature from Jekyll Island – Griffin

Sword and Brush – Lowry

Crucial Conversations – Patterson

Rainforest  Strategy – Pink

Life and Works of Escher – Fellows

Milestones – Chambers

Being and Nothingness – Sartre

Critique of Pure Reason – Kant

Autonomy and Independence in Language Learning – Candlin

An Education for Our Time – Bunting III

“How did the frontier colony of Virginia produce, in one generation, George Washington, George Mason, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Wythe? At a time when their coadjutors included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton? The historian reminds us that the clichés are insufficient explanation: great challenges draw forth great talents; (or) the best talents have nowhere else to go, to serve, in such days. But does he find part of the answer in the Founders’ education? They were soaked in the history of Rome and Greece, and they studied Greek and Latin. They knew their Bible; they were children of the political philosophers of the Enlightenment. They had for the most part no degrees, as they had, for the most part, no university education. Yet they thought more clearly, considered more self-reliantly, wrote more accurately and eloquently, than we.”

J. Bunting III

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning – Wilson

Philosophical Investigations – Wittgenstein

Political Writings – Augustine

The Politics – Aristotle

The Republic – Plato

Modern Logic – Forbes

Jefferson’s Children – Botstein

Flow Psychology of Optimal Experience – Csikszentmihalyi

Wild at Heart – Eldredge

The Field – McTaggart

The Elegant Universe – Greene

Can Man Live Without God – Zacharias

Van Til’s Apologetics – Bahnsen

Amusing Ourselves to Death – Postman

The Craft of Intelligence – Dulles

The World is Flat – Friedman

Killer Elite – Smith

Memorial Day – Flynn

Dancing Wu Li Masters – Zukav

Consent to Kill – Flynn

Teeth of the Tiger – Clancy

Clear and Present Danger – Clancy

The Broker – Grisham

A Whole New Mind – Pink

Freakonomics – Levitt

Million Dollar Consulting – Weiss

The Age of Heretics – Kleiner

Carry a Big Stick – Grant

Don’t Make Me Think – Krug

100 Decisive Battles – Davis

Barefoot Zen – Johnson

Dynamic Karate – Nakayama

Secrets of the Samurai – Ratti

On the Wealth of Nations – O’Rourke

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