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Ok, if you’ve watched this you HAVE to let me know your thoughts. Isn’t this a great way to learn what we really already know??? If you’re not familiar with the concept of relational marketing, this is a great example! You’ll want to watch this MORE THAN ONCE! FREE MBA IN MARKETING RIGHT HERE!

And if you want the full explanation, go here.

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7 Responses to “Innovate the Mundane – Triple Sales???”

  1. Bill Herring

    Eric, Thanks again for the really good stuff about how we should do life and work. Very powerful for this time when so many have continued to focus on the negative around and presented to us daily. If we are to succeed, we must think of our customer’s issues and see the world from their point of view. Then we can create solutions for them and then we have value. As you know,I believe in a Servant Selling System that says the only thing in the best interest of a sales person is the best interest of the customer! Great example. Imagine, people flying and happy today??

  2. Eric

    @Jeff Timpanaro,
    Thanks jeff…sad but true. Change or die has never been so true. Good news is that those who don’t change will self-eliminate leaving more market share for those who do!
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..MasterPlan™ =-.

  3. Jeff Timpanaro

    Noteworthy that there were still so many DUDS in the crowd either not paying attention, not getting it, or too ashamed to participate. This is FINE! We’re most ‘aligned’ when we’re serving those we serve BEST. Leave the others in their gloom.
    .-= Jeff Timpanaro´s last blog ..Twit-Ku: My Stab at Twitter Haiku =-.

  4. william

    You want cool, go to the foz (sorry nearly missed me on that one) but that South West agent was as hip as our current business culture can get. But then it’s in his DNA. Like your work Eric, it’s in the DNA well done! Glad to have a few minuets to check in and see what your up to, grateful I did for it was informative, current, and easily applicable. Thanks for the down load…

  5. Jo Rae Perkins

    most excellent! he covered all the important details and created interest w/ involvement. no one wanted to be left out. Now to figure out my marketing plan so no one feels left out.

  6. Rachel

    This video reminds us that the marketplace can be fun and genuine and not simply the feeding frenzy we have become accustomed to. How different it would be if each employee, manager, and owner were to act from a place of joyful innovation rather than drudgery. I love the reminder that this video offers!

  7. Eric

    I wish I knew who this was…true genius and very cool. Marketing can really be THAT simple. Three cheers for authentic!
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..MasterPlan™ =-.

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