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Here are some of my reflections about life, work, and staying on the path.

First of it’s a fair question to ask, “What do you mean by ‘mastery’?” Well for me mastery is not a destination – it is more, in a philosophical sense, a pursuit, a set of what I like to call “anchor activities” that organize around a set of commitments.

But we need to differentiate between being a master (a guru) and being on the path of mastery – having a LIFE of mastery. You can be a master musician and have NO LIFE. You can be a master painter and HATE the world because no one “gets” what you do. Right? That’s a master.

But mastery is something very different. Mastery is a lifestyle. It is intentional living where you have discerned your anchor activities and you simply do them. And doing them produces peace, joy, focus, laughter, fun, wealth and satisfaction.

More on this later…


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