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Well if this is what their teaching in schools these days…well…maybe, just maybe, we might make it.

Press Play and then Pause. Let the video buffer for about 30 seconds.

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6 Responses to “Economist Dies In Rap Vitriol”

  1. admin

    @Van S, Thanks Van. Yes money-ism, or the worship of capital, is so common, so normal, it’s almost impossible to recognize it. But it has very recognizable effects…and the $30 trillion debt we Americans now have is clear evidence that debt driven consumption has a terminus well before death. Sorry Keynes, but in the short run we get buried in insurmountable debt long before we “die.”

  2. Michael E

    I absolutely love it!

  3. Van S

    I got to hear and meet you at a John Kelly Wealth builder’s conference in ’08 where you spoke on the spirit of empire which was tremendous. You indicated you were working on a book on that subject. Is that out or if not any eta?
    Thanks, blessings,

  4. admin

    @Van S,
    Yup. You’re right. It’s a bit fast. I had to listen several times but the argument is sound.

  5. Van S

    Quite thought provoking and informative-but to be honest, for those of us who aren’t knowledgeable about all the intricacies of Austrian Free Market vs Keynesian economic theory this was like drinking drinking from a fire hose. I guess we need to listen several times but would be nice if you could delineate the various concepts represented here.
    Also, per DP I believe JM Keynes didn’t have too much of an interest in the ladies as represented here.
    Thanks for sharing Eric, shalom, Van

  6. admin

    My favorite part is the “animal spirits” – bear and bull. Of my many criticisms of modern capital-ism, I never thought I could add animism. But hey, new news. Hope you enjoyed it.

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