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Thanks to my good friend Jeff (a real one, not a twitterface one) – I hope you enjoy the fun and power of unity…especially when it comes from 20 drummers laying down the fierce groove. Love the fight at the end. Give it a second or two to load. Enjoy! Bob Your Head! Turn It UP!

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2 Responses to “Because I love DRUMS!!!!!”

  1. Barry Durmaz

    Greetings Eric!

    I was intrigued by the the drum video. I to, love the drums, and perhaps it will happen that I can learn by professional instruction. My mother is Scottish, so the bag pipe and drum bands are part of our family heritage.
    I watched with my two oldest girls, ages 9 and 7.

    The Swiss certainly have made their contribution in history with John Calvin’s Geneva—a model of Christian liberty under law and precursor to America’s experiment and founding in individual liberty under God’s law.

    I understand the Swiss must by law, keep and bear arms, and are subject to a fine if they do not, as a means of national security. That is the idea behind our protection for a free people, yet we struggle to retain the heritage laid down before us by America’s founding fathers.

    Thanks again—Blessings!

    Barry Durmaz

  2. Eric

    Ah drum corp memories…nice to see these guys having fun and the audience responding!!!! Love the fight scene!

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