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7.6 Reasons to Subscribe

1. Greed – Because doing so will make you rich! Not really. But it might help you make your life richer!

2. Authority – Because I said so!

3. Fear – If you don’t subscribe very many odd things will happen to you in the next 7.6 days!

4. Pride – You will be in the know way before others! Others will want to be you. You’ll be better than those kids in high school that laughed at you!

5. Anger – Because those rat bastards are out there trying to keep you down – and you’re not going to take it! No you’re NOT!

6. Love – Because you love life and want to live it to the fullest and loving love is the loveliest way to live a life of love.

7. Curiosity – Because you just wonder what in the world Eric Beck might uncover this week!

7.5 Hmmmm – Not really a full reason here but call it an intuitive reason that leads you toward a more techno-utopian type of life.

Bonus Reason: If you were to participate in this blog occasionally, you might find that a) you’re not alone, b) the world is changing and preparation is essential, and c) there is a place where you and others can mutually put things in perspective.



Just Make Yourself Feel Better

Just Make Yourself Feel Better