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May 15th Quick Update

From Eric Beck

Next Week’s Playbook will be “Are Your Customer’s Divorcing You? And How to Stop It”


The Marketing Webinar was a Hit!

We had a full “house” as it were with people from all over the nation who were interested in a new way to build long term, profitable relationships with customers and prospects through “relational marketing.” I was blown away by the hunger for this set of tools. You can hear an excerpt and see what people who attended thought of it. If you are not happy with your marketing results, you really have to see how I’ve helped many double and even triple their revenues in just 60 days.




Three New Posts for You

I have been freshly struck by how far our collective heads are in the sand about the economy and what is REALLY going on…and WHAT we can do about it. So I’ve posted three short articles and videos that I think will bring some (hopefully) credibility to what I’m saying. These are short and punchy and I think they’ll bring you some comfort.

The Pursuit of Happiness


Eliot Spitzer Tells the Truth…about Wall Street


Something Just Plain Shocking…Funny Too!

As always, here’s to YOUR TOTAL success!



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Reinventing Your Life – Details Next Week

Cutting Your Number One Expense – Details Next Week

Stop Your Customers From Divorcing You – Details Next Week

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